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The Charter Board

Shared Leadership

  • It takes a village!
  • CORE’s vision and day-to-day operations only happens with the shared collaboration and leadership. The combined effort makes decisions affecting everything from textbooks, instruction to facilities. In June of 2007 the Butte County Board of Education approved the petition for CORE Butte Charter School. 
  • The CORE Butte, Inc. Board of Directors is the decision making body for CORE Butte Charter School
  • The Charter Board

  • The Charter Board meets on a regular basis in order to develop policies, approve the budget and assist in making major governance decisions regarding the school operations.  CORE, Inc. is comprised of community members and parent members.
  • CORE Inc. Board Members:

  • Vivian Appleby, Board President, Charter Advisory Council Liaison, Parent Member
  • Jill LaMalfa, Board Secretary/Treasurer, Parent Member
  • Cheryl Bunce, Community Member
  • April Hennessy, Community Member
  • Kelly Holliday, Parent Member
  • Board Member Biographies

    Vivian Ann Lopez Appleby, Board President, Charter Advisory Council Liaison, Parent Member

    I attended the University of Texas at Arlington and majored in Sociology. I worked in the legal field for (15) years prior to moving to Chico in 2001. I have enjoyed being a parent at CORE Butte Charter School. It has been a joy interacting with the children and staff for the past few years. My sons have flourished at CORE and it has been a true blessing for our family. They have exceeded their own expectations! I served as a Board Member at Nord for (2) years. Serving on the Nord Board gave me a new appreciation for charter schools, school policy and the immense dedication of the teachers and staff. I feel CORE holds these same standards. For these reasons, I sought a seat on the CORE Butte, Inc. Board of Directors.

    It is an honor to serve on the Board. I feel very strongly that CORE is truly concerned with the well-being of their students and the integrity of the daily operations as a whole.

    Jill LaMalfa, Board Secretary/Treasurer, Parent Member

    I've homeschooled for the last 17 years (4 of my own children and one of a friend's) and I'm excited to see it growing and reaching more kids with personalized learning. I'm a teacher by trade (since 1992 at CSUC- graduate and credential program) and a homeschool mom by choice. I love thinking out of the box when it comes to schooling options and our teachers and staff at CORE do an outstanding job of this. Seeing the growth at our school excites me and I'd like to be a part of the board to continue to have input on where we are headed and how we are getting there. In this day and age where traditional schooling is no longer a ,"one size fits all" absolute, I see CORE Butte as offering so much more to kids of all ages and abilities. I believe I bring to the table my education and experience as a classroom teacher and homeschool mom as well as an involved community member with excitement and enthusiasm. We have some great things here at CORE and I'd like to work together to enhance the things we do well and reach more students with even more options for education! Thank you for your consideration.

    Cheryl Bunce, Community Member

    My name is Cheryl Bunce and I am hoored to serve on the CORE Butte Board of Directors. I have been involved with CORE Butte Charter school since 2008 when I enrolled my daughter at a 4th grader. My son started at CORE in 2012 as a 7th grader. Since we have been here, there has been a lot of growth and many changes at the school. I love being a part of the positive changes as the school evolves.

    April Hennessy, Community Member

    April Hennessy has been managing the Supplemental Instruction (SI) program at Butte College since 2009. April is responsible for planning, coordinating, hiring SI Leaders, supervising the effective application of collaborative learning methodology, and for providing leadership in implementing all aspects of the program. SI is an academic enrichment program that is offered in historically difficult courses (high rate of D, F, and withdrawals). SI is designed to supplement - not replace - class lectures. SI discussion and review sessions are facilitated by trained student SI Leaders who have already completed the course. SI sessions are interactive and collaborative. Students who attend sessions learn to integrate how to learn with what to learn. It's a chance for classmates to get together outside of class to compare notes, to discuss important concepts, and to develop strategies for studying the subject in a structured environment. The development and success of the SI program at Butte College has been recognized as a model program in the state. April has presented Butte College's SI program at numerous student success conferences and other community colleges in California. April received her bachelor's and master's degree in Communication Studies from CSU, Chico.

    Kelly Holliday, Paren Member

    My name is Kelly Holliday and I am a mom. I am a mom to two amazing daughters who are thriving at CORE Butte Charter School. I am a public school teacher by trade, holding a Single Subject Credential in both Math and Science. I taught at the High School level in both the Oroville Unified School District and the Paradise Unified School District for a collection of 8 years. I believe in education. I believe in children. I believe our children's education is foundational. I left public education to teach my children in the manner in which they learn best. CORE Butte Charter offers the design of individualized education while creating an environment that motivates children to experience learning. My interest in being on the CORE Butte Charter Board of Directors is motivated by my belief in our children's education being successful when they are provided with the arena and experiences that motivates them and allows them to thrive as the individual that they are. How I can contribute to the Board of Directors comes from my past experience in education. As a public school teacher, I am experienced in the California Education Code and how to deliver the necessary requirements to students in a format that they understand and enjoy. I served on the Board of Directors for Paradise Preschool as a Member at Large and as President. I managed the finances of the non-profit school while creating a budget for future operation. While teaching at Paradise High and Las Plumas High, I served on the WASC accreditation committee that created and implemented the necessary changes that lead to both school's accreditation. However, in all reality - I am a mom who is passionate about education. I have experience in the educational arena and am very familiar with educational language and needs. I would love to serve on the Board of Directors and use my experience to further the success and growth of CORE Butte Charter. I appreciate your consideration in allowing me to serve your children and you on the Board of Directors.

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