Online Educational Programs

  • Brainpop : login: camptonville password: camptonville
  • IXL Math Practice for k-Algebra. To access CORE Teacher must set up student accounts. Individual access.
  • Lexia Reading Portal Download: Advanced reading strategies to improve your students reading. To access CORE teacher must set up student account. Individual access. Used in our Reading Invervention Class. Customer Code3023-9439-6342-8949
  • Reading A to Z: Reading strategies for students. Teacher assigned. User name: corebutteC Password: reading
  • Raz-Kids: Reading Strategies for students. Teacher assigned only. User name corebutteE password: reading
  • Khan Academy: Previously recorded videos of teachers teaching almost all educational subjects. Site is free for all users. Follow instructions on the Website to set up an account and log in.
  • Lynda Tutorials: A course costs .33 a day around 10 per month. You select the dates. As the teacher you can set up an educator account and view the lessons students have watched. Student EU's can be used.
  • BBC Dance Mat Typing: Free access by any student. It is a great way for students to learn how to type. Can be used for any age. Used in our Computer Application class.
  • Discovery Education: Passcode 798E-35E7. Free access by any student to utilize the Discovery Education resources. Click to load information and login instructions.
  • Typing Quest Online: Students are given username and login by their classroom teacher
  • edHelper: Unlimited worksheets and ideas for supplemental resources.
    User Name: Password: corebutte1
  • Pinterest: Over 300 pins of home schooling resources targeted specifically for the CORE student.
  • Enchanted Learning: Curriculum Material Online, Username: Camptonville, Password: Camptonville

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