CORE: Shared Leadership

The CORE Butte Charter Advisory Council

  • The Charter Advisory Council serves as the School Site Council and is responisible for making recommendations to the School's Board of Directors on objectives such as:
    • Developing, recommending, and reviewing with the director, teachers, other school personnel, parents, pupils, and the CORE, Inc. Board of Directors the implementation of the Charter Programs and assessing periodically the effectiveness of the programs and curriculum.
    • Annually reviewing the Charter Programs, and if necessary, making modifications to reflect changing needs and priorities.
    • Informing and advising the Charter School, staff and Boards of Directors regarding the school community, aspirations, and goals.
    • Assisting in providing support to parents, students, and staff for Charter School programs.
    • Fostering communication and understanding between the Charter School, the Elementary School, parents and community.
  • The Charter Council meets a minimum of three times per year as an advisory body in order to give input on the school programs, fiscal matters and parent concerns.
  • Charter Advisory Council Membership:

  • Executive Director - Chairman
  • One Administration Representative
  • Four Teacher Representatives
  • Three Parent Members
  • Three Student Members