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Student Support Resources

Student Support Resources

Parenting Coach Tool
April 2018

Simple solutions to your child's most challenging behaviors... brought to you by

Intervention Central!
April 2018

Have you explored this amazing resource?
Intervention Central provides resources for teachers/parents to support positive behavior in students as well as support in academics. There are videos, articles, workshops, etc. Check it out!

Butte County Library - KIDS
April 2018

Included in this website:

Programs & Events
Books! Books! Books!
Helpful links
Just for Fun!
Links to educational games and online books

April 2018

Butte County is a great place to raise kids. Our resources for children and families can help you find local events, services for new mothers, nutrition information and more.

Standardized Tests | Prepare And Interpret Results
April 2018

State testing can be a stressful time! Here are some tips for parents to help support their children during the testing weeks. Helpful information!

Executive Function and The Batman Effect
April 2018

Stephanie M. Carlson

Professor and Director of Research, Institute of Child Development, University of Minnesota

Mon Apr 30 at 12:00pm ET

Research has provided us with key insights on pretend play and executive functioning skills. Join Stephanie Carlson, Ph.D., developmental psychologist, to learn why pretend play (and wearing a Batman cape!) can improve your child’s executive functioning skills.

Simply go to at the time of the chat.

Helping Your Child with ADHD Manage Screen Time
April 2018

ADHD can affect how kids use technology. Join Jodi Gold, M.D., child and adolescent psychiatrist, to learn practical tips for helping your child manage screen time.

No registration is needed—simply go to at the time of the chat, and RSVP.
Follow the link provided:

Have you seen this amazing website for parents?
April 2018 is a website created for parents looking for resources, articles, webinars, etc., with topics ranging from learning disabilities to gifted and talented education and everything in between!


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101 Things to do in the Butte County Area
Experience Butte County
Historical, cultural and outdoors activities abound in our county
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